About Us

ASAF Industries Ltd. is a market leader in the field of equipment and supplies to the Plastics industry and Metal sheet works in Israel.
Our expertise in the industry enables us to provide a full range of services to meet our customer's needs.
The company was established in 1986 with primary management objectives to provide high quality supplies and professional services.

Years of experience have taught us that the way to promote relationships with our customers, suppliers, and other partnerships, is to pay attention to quality and service.

ASAF is well known for being a very reliable sales, service and support partner
both for the suppliers abroad and the Israeli customers.

ASAF quality assurance system is certified under ISO-9001:2008. We provide post sale service to all of the equipment we sell.

ASAF Industries Ltd. activity is multi-disciplinary in the followings segments: 

• Hot Runners and Nozzles
ASAF is the Israeli distributor for Mold Masters Ltd. We assist customers in selecting the most suitable HR system, and provide after sales support. 

• Peripheral equipment
Asaf sells Granulators and shredders for various type of materials manufactured European leading brands such as CMG   and Conveyors, Hopper Loaders, Blenders and Dryers manufactured by New-Omap. We also sell good quality low cost Chinese equipment. We provide full service and support to these equipments.

 • Recycling lines 

Asaf distributes recycling lines for bottles, film, etc. manufactured in Italy by PRT from Italy,  

• Standard Mold Bases (SMB) & Standard Mold Elements (SME)
The Company imports, stocks and sells SMB & SME from Italy-Pedrotti, Austria-Meusburger, Germany-Eberhard,  as well as The Far East. Our stock contains almost any standard element in order to provide instant supply and service to our customers.
We are by far the No. 1 supplier of SMB & SME in Israel.
Our leadership in this product line keeps us in contact with all injection molders and mold makers in the country. 

ASAF Industries task force (team)
ASAF has a team of 10 employees including 5 engineers that are directly involved in sales, service and training of our customers in the industry.

When our customers entrust us with an order, we accept this responsibility with respect. We truly believe and understand that our customers are the most important assets associated with our business.

 ASAF in Russia

In 2007 Asaf established STANIR with a local moldmaker. Stanir provides Standard Mold Bases (SMB) & Standard Mold Elements (SME).


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